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The Trip
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The Trip

Our Boat Kiwi Magic, is a comfortable, larger vessel with plenty of room to move around. As owner/operators we are able to make decisions on special departure and return times. Normal departure time is 7am and return is approximately 3pm.  The trip may also stop at several snorkelling spots if time allows. 

The Swim: If sea and weather conditions are favourable and the whales are settled we can then allow swimmers in the water. The guidelines stipulate that there can only be four swimmers and a trained guide in the water at any one time hence the reason we guarantee ONLY FOUR SWIMMERS on the boat for any charter. This maximises your chances of a swim.

We supply masks, snorkels, fins and a light buoyancy vest. A light lunch of noodles, fruit, cake, tea, coffee and drinking water is provided. You should bring any special items that may require with you. 

Our goals are to make sure that our Humpback Whales are able to continue on with their lives with little or no impact and to insure the safety of our guests at all times.

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