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About Us
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About Us

Pat and Keith McKee, expat New Zealanders, with their vessel Kiwi Magic have been operating in the waters of Vava’u since 1991.

When Keith, the owner/skipper, first noticed Humpback Whales breaching and lazing in Vava’u waters, he decided to add whale watching to his license. This began the evolution of the very successful whale swim and whale watch industry in Vava’u.

We, along with two other operators, Whale Watch Vava’u and Sailing Safaris worked closely with the Tongan Government, SPREP, Whales Alive, IFAW and other NGO’s to start to formulate the guidelines which were finally passed into Tongan Law in 2013. These guidelines are our recognised standard of conduct for all Watch Watch/Swim operators and as such have created a professional and successful industry which allows amazing encounters with our Humpback whales with the minimum of impact on their lives and environment.


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